With 4 years of experience in providing advanced international logistics and forwarding services, FLC LOGISTICS is well positioned to support your diverse shipping and supply chain needs anywhere in the world. Check out our portfolio below to see how we can help your business.

Our team of freight experts ensures that your shipment is delivered from any point of origin to any destination in a safe and efficient manner. Our industry experience means we can handle moves of various type, size or complexity.



Air freight is a suitable solution when your supply chain requires speed, reliability and enhanced levels of security. It is a costly but efficient transport mode that is normally used for high-value shipments. Whether you are shipping hazardous cargo, live animals or perishable goods over long distances, you can rely on our expertise in designing the most effective solutions that meet your precise requirements. (Learn more)


Sea freight transport is still one of the best options for the development of the world economy, due to the large cargo capacity that can be moved from one geographical point to another. Currently, this type of transport represents 80% of all products moved around the world, compared to air and land transport. We provide you with all the transport services related to maritime transport: customs clearance, transshipment of goods or palletisation and delivery at the destination facilities. (Learn more)


Any transport, regardless of the mode, starts on land, with trucking. Higher levels of speed, visibility and safety are standard features that today’s customers expect of modern road transport systems. Be it a small package, a few pallets or a truckload, we can offer you efficient trucking solutions to match your precise requirements. (Learn more)


Where regular flights do not suit your needs, we can offer on-demand air cargo charter flights to meet your capacity requirements. That might be outsized cargo, perishable goods or humanitarian deliveries to the most challenging regions of the world. Through our scheduled or ad hoc air charter services, you have greater flexibility on schedule and routing, better capacity management and priority handling for your urgent deliveries. (Learn more)

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We provide transit customs clearance and handling services for cross-border shipments involving various modes of transport. From transit documentation and payment of local charges to facilitating transit permits or arranging customs/security escort, we ensure that no shipment is held or delayed in transit. Our teams are experienced in cross-docking, handling and forwarding multimodal shipments domestically and internationally. (Learn more)


Any item or substance that causes damage to you, the transporter, the receiving customer, other shipments shipped together, or the global environment, if not handled properly, is considered dangerous goods. FLC LOGISTICS has a license to handle dangerous goods and has many years of experience in handling dangerous goods. (Learn more)

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